A Journey Into My Photography
                 By Cara Cilento 

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New York Cityscape

I never appreciated the beauty of NYC until I looked at it through the lens of a camera. I took this from the ferry that goes from Weehawken to Port Imperial because the cityscape can take your breath away. It was a clear night for November and the moon reflected perfectly off he Hudson River. 


Coasting Seagull

Like I said before, I love beach photography. I am lucky to live an hour from an ocean, however; I took this photo on Cape Cod. This seagull was hovering over a pier and letting the wind do all the work. He looked like an untethered kite following the current. Even though his movement was carefree, his focus looked so contradictory. 


The Glider

I also snapped this shot off Cape Cod. I was laying by the pool and looked up and saw the paraglider in the distance. I looked over the water and saw that the shot was so perfectly framed between the masts of the boats, I couldn’t pass on the chance of capturing the image.

Asymetrical Balance.JPEG

Sunset on the Beach

I love beach photography. You will never get the same picture twice since the ocean is in a constant state of movement. I took this picture because the clouds ran incongruently to the horizon and the sun was smack in the center. For a sunset, which is typically horizontal, this sunset was noisy with asymmetry.


The Planter

Sometimes, I take day trips to botanical gardens and old estates. I took this at the Van Vleck House. I found this empty planter sitting starkly unaware of the flora and fauna around it. Its nakedness stood out, and I needed to capture how striking it looked compared to the rest of the lush greenery around it.


The Gang Is All Here

I stumbled upon all these mannequins in an alleyway in New Hope, PA. They were just cast aside with other trash, but they never made their way to the curb. Someone dressed them and eventually, they became overgrown with weeds and bushes.