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Why I Am A Fall Girl: The Food, The Fashion, The Foliage

Sandwiched between summer and winter is my favorite time of year: Fall. My mother always told me I was a “fall girl”. I was born in fall. I loved everything pumpkin. I loved jeans and sweaters. I was definitely a “fall girl”. You might be saying that the weather change is too much in fall. Perhaps, but thanks to the beautiful fall weather, I can finally go outside and enjoy myself without worrying about burning to a crisp. Okay, I admit that it's possible that the air may be slightly chilly in fall, but I think that's one of the nicest parts of the season. I love sitting by a fire outside (or inside on chilly nights) and talking to my friends over a cup of tea or coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the beach in the summer. I am a Jersey Girl. Going “down the shore” is in my blood. I also lived in Pennsylvania for four years in my twenties and learned that skiing in the winter is fun but there's nothing like taking a walk in the woods in October and marveling at the brilliant colors of the trees especially around the Delaware Water Gap. It is the most aesthetic season there is. The changing of the leaves in October transforms the Earth into a work of art, and that can only happen when the days are shorter, and the temperatures are lower.

October Arrives

The arrival of October weather also means new food possibilities. Consider the abundance of seasonal vegetables that will be available! Fall offers a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Prepare roasted veggies and sheet pan dinners to take use of all the possibilities. I turn on my oven without sweating and fill my house with the scent of baking pies, stews, and soups. Those fall home cooked meals are golden memories. With the changing of the seasons and the arrival of cooler weather, I find myself eagerly anticipating the return of fall cooking.

The Best Of October

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of October. I can sum it up in two words: Pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice, that's right. Pumpkin spice lattes are fantastic in my opinion. Now, I don’t ascribe to the idea that pumpkin spice should begin to hit the shelves before fall. Pumpkin equals fall. That is why we carve pumpkins in fall, eat pumpkin seeds in fall and see them at farmer’s markets in fall, but I digress. I challenge you to come up with a beverage that is more soothing. Apple cider doused in cinnamon and allspice? That, too, is an autumn beverage and it is my sons’ favorite, but pumpkin spice and other pumpkin-flavored dishes are my number one. I just want to give a shout out to pumpkin beer at Oktoberfest! What would October be without Oktoberfest? I will admit, however, my pumpkin beer had competition this year. I had an apple pie mule, and I can say there is nothing wrong with the warming spices of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg in moderation. It ran a really close second.

October Aesthetics

Speaking of aesthetics and meals, fall would not be complete if I left out the holidays. Candy and turkey dinners are the finest fall meals, but they haven't been mentioned yet. The only time you may indulge in these two foodstuffs to the fullest is during the autumn, when Halloween and Thanksgiving provide the perfect excuse. Yes, fall heralds the arrival of these joyous occasions. Other seasonal festivals pale in comparison to Thanksgiving and Halloween’s ghoulish splendor.

Halloween lovin

I know I already posted about how I love everything horror, but I have to say my Halloween and October aesthetic is really banal and cute. I love Halloween for its sugary treats and seeing babies dressed up in hilarious costumes. I try to make Halloween as cute as possible and save the horror for my books and the paranormal for my ghost hunts! Honestly, there is nothing better than my dog dressed as a taco!

Thanksgiving Is Amazing

Thanksgiving is a holiday that deserves a lot more aesthetic attention. Other than the traditional browns and oranges, I believe there are a plethora of aesthetic color schemes for fall that are underused for Thanksgiving. I mean I will never turn up my nose at a cornucopia, corn stalks, oranges or browns but what about all the colors seen in fall weddings? In my opinion, you can use mottled silver, dusty tones, and even copper. Throw it together and you may be able to come up with really classy table if you host Thanksgiving. Pumpkins and gourds come in all different colors, shapes and sizes so run with nature as your palette. Enjoy incorporating natural elements like white pumpkins and fern greens into your fall season and your wardrobe.

Sweater Weather

Let’s talk about sweater weather. Burgundy is a sweater hue that screams fall, so it's perfect for wearing now. It’s one is one of my favorites. You will always find me wearing some sort of burgundy sweater on an autumn day. Its rich aesthetic envelops me in a cozy atmosphere, and the crimson tones instantly transport me to the lush greenery outside. What’s even better about burgundy is that it is aesthetically pleasing, and this is a great choice for everyone.

Overall, I think sweaters are one of the most comfortable and best-looking clothing items you may own. Unfortunately, we can't wear our beloved knits all year round, but the fall is the perfect time to pull them out after a hot and humid summer. Turtleneck sweaters are among my personal favorites since they add interest to my ensemble, and on chilly fall days, they're a quick and easy work outfit that may be dressed up or down.

As for my kids, their fall favorite is a good hoodie. I love a nice soft hoodie too. Wearing a great hoodie with denim just makes me want to stoke a fire in my yard. Denim is another great fall choice. It can also be used to add a blue aesthetic to any outfit. You can wear denim with a jacket, trousers, skirt, or dress. I know a lot of us wear denim in the summer, but true full length, high-quality jeans are difficult to wear in the summer but ideal for the fall because of its crisp, clean look.

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